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Directed by Martyn Robertson | Scotland | 2022 | 84 mins
PG | Fri 13 Jan 2023 | 7:30pm

Ride the Wave follows young surfer Ben on his quest to become a big wave surfer.

Having participated in competition surfing worldwide, 14-year-old, under-18 champion, Ben, is prepared to put his life on the line to ride one of the biggest and most dangerous cold water waves in the world at Mullaghmore, Ireland. If he gets it right, he joins an elite group. If he gets it wrong, the consequences are terrifying. Danger, opportunity, and dilemma collide, propelling Ben and his family towards an unknown destiny. 

Director Martyn Robertson intimately follows the family over a three years period as they support Ben towards achieving his dream.


What a terrific film Ride the Wave is. It’s a story about parents and kids and danger and dreams. It’s incredibly visual, very cinematic. It’s a really impressive piece of cinema.
The Observer


Ride The Wave is a breath of fresh air. Tense, moving, and raw, it is a celebration of talent, resilience, and some top-class parenting.”
Loud & Clear Magazine

Screening at A&I Hall, 3 Station Street Bangalow

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