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Big Wave Guardians

Thurs 14 march 5:15pm aedt

Luke Stirtz

USA | 2022 | 90 min

Local Premiere

Rated PG

Big wave guardians 2.jpeg

Hawaii’s North Shore is the world’s most dangerous seven-mile stretch of beach. Massive swells, life-and-death rescues, and “the best job in the world” - yet often the most hazardous one – is the compelling drama of Hawaii’s big wave guardians. 

As surfers push the limits and crowds increase, a small group of heroes have reinvented water safety on a parallel track to the rising dangers. Addicting thrills vs inherent peril – they are caught up in both. These surfing’s elite watermen deploy innovative water safety techniques previously unimagined, risking their lives to save lives.

“Providing both historical context, honest and raw interviews with some of the biggest names in the surf scene, and stunning imagery, this film sheds light on the incredibly selfless work of lifeguards and the appreciation of the surf community.” - Explore Mag


“No film has better summarized the unique link between surfers and lifeguards like Big Wave Guardians does.” - The San Diego Union Tribune

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