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fri 8 march 7:30pm aedt - SOLD OUT
Sunday 10 March 1:00pm

Catherine Marciniak

Australia | 2023 | 76 min
Rated G

Follow The River.jpg

In an endangered forest in Australia, fungi hunter and acclaimed fungi photographer Stephen Axford, spies an intriguing frosty blue mushroom. He discovers it has no name. No one knows where it fits in the Kingdom of Fungi. He is the first to document it for science.

Turns out this mushroom is one of the millions of species of fungus that scientists think could exist but have not yet been identified. The science of fungi has been a neglected frontier of discovery.

Today there is a mass myco-awakening and the race is on to document as many species of fungi as possible, as fast as possible. At the forefront of this push are Stephen Axford, and his partner in life and all things fungi, filmmaker Catherine Marciniak. Several new species have been unearthed by them, who are also internationally renowned for their time-lapses of fungi growing.

In Follow the Rain, their latest documentary, they invite us into their fungi obsessed world.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director Catherine Marciniak and Stephen Axford with television presenter Liz Ellis.

“I am awestruck. Catherine and Stephen have used all their passion, craft, wit and humanity to create something rich and moving. It is a wonderfully layered love story - an ode to fungi, to nature, to Stephen’s photography, to their own relationship.”

Sonya Pemberton, Emmy Award Winning filmmaker  

“It’s a completely new way of seeing fungi in nature.”

Dr Tom May, Mycologist and Senior Botanist Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

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