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CocoricÒ Tapes

sat 9 march 9:30pm aedt

Francesco Tavella

Italy | 2023 | 67 min

In Italian with English subtitles

Rated MA 15+


The 90’s have been creative and destructive years, in which everything seemed both possible and at the same time, close to collapsing. 

These were also the golden years of the Italian Romagna Riviera, the destination of a generation answering the call of dance music. And there, in the iconic pyramid-shaped nightclub called Cocoricò, a chapter of international clubbing history was written. 


Youngster Loris Riccardi becomes the art director of a club destined to become the most transgressive in Europe and certainly the most radical in Italy. He transforms the dance floor into a place of provocation, where everything is permitted in the name of art.

Cocoricò was not just a place, it was a temple of entertainment, hedonism and sexual freedom, a theatre of artistic, political and social expressions, the stage of a collective ritual of transgression.

Cocoricò Tapes tells the story told through the unpublished images of those years and through the words - from today and back then - of the people who made those radical nights possible.

Best Documentary

Ortigia Film Festival 2023

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Best Documentary
Ortigia Film Festival 2023

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