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Posso Entrare? An Ode to Naples


Trudie Styler

Italy | 2023 | 103 | Rated M

In Italian with English Subtitles

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Naples, a city of passion, culture and fervid creativity, but also of abandonment and crime. Trudie Styler explores the narrow streets and the many facets of the most complex and contradictory Italian city, to create a heartfelt love letter to Naples, depicting the contrasts of beauty and sorrow, of light and darkness that characterize it. 

Letting the local people tell their own story, she unveils a world in which generosity and cruelty, lights and shadows coexist. A multi-faceted portrait featuring rev. Antonio Loffredo, the rebellious and enlightened parish priest of the Sanità neighbourhood, actor Francesco Di Leva, founder of Teatro NEST in San Giovanni a Teduccio, writer Roberto Saviano, and artist Jorit, but also the “strong warriors” who fight for the women, the roast chestnut peddlers, and Antonio, a veteran of the WWII. Not to mention her husband Sting who executes “Fragile” for the convicts of the Secondigliano jail. 

This is a sincere homage to "the Neapolitans who resist, those who with their commitment and dedication choose not to leave and are trying to improve their city".

This film is proudly presented by

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Best European Documentary 

Capri Documentary Award 2023

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