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Patrick and the Whale


Mark Fletcher 

Austria | 2022 | 72 min

Australian Premiere

Rated G

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For years, marine videographer Patrick Dykstra has dedicated his life to traveling the globe, following and diving with whales. Over the years, Patrick has learned how whales see and hear, how they perceive other creatures in the water and how they behave at close quarters. 

Patrick recently experienced a life-changing event. In Dominica, he had a close encounter with a female sperm whale. She seemed to be curious about him, coming within touching distance, pulsing him with her sonar. She studied him as he studied her. Patrick felt an overwhelming sense that she was genuinely trying to communicate.

We follow Patrick as he travels to Dominica again to find this special whale he named “Dolores” so she can help him show us the hidden world of her species. Using stunning underwater footage, the film follows his personal journey and explores the psychology of a man who has sacrificed everything in his single-minded quest to connect with and understand one of the biggest creatures in the ocean.

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“Patrick and the Whale is a must-see for whale lovers, oceanic enthusiasts or anyone who wants to be swept up in a wonderous journey under the sea.”

Film Inquiry

“Patrick and the Whale plunges viewers deep into the depths of the ocean and in doing so, generates some of the most gorgeous underwater cinematography.”

Tilt Magazine


Grand Prize for the Best Nature Documentary

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2023


Best Cinematography Award & Eco Impact Award

Blue Water Film Festival 2023

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